ON AIR INTERVIEW #21 Real life in Paris: utilities, medicine, insurance, service and croissants.

Hello everyone!
I want to introduce you to Yana.
Yana is one of the first bloggers who talked about Paris, France. Both Instagram and YouTube.

By the way, it was through her that I learned about her. On my next trip to Paris, we met for coffee.
Then, as now in an interview, Yana spoke openly about the peculiarities of life in France. The real household side of the issue.

For example,

  • how much does it cost to call a locksmith and how long to wait for a plumber?
  • How are meter readings transmitted here and what replaces registration and calculation of housing and communal services?
  • What is the risk of not having additional medical insurance and why is it needed?
  • How did Yana manage to go on maternity leave for 3 years, when French women leave only for a couple of months?
  • And what brings her closer to the poets of the Silver Age?

Only some of the topics that have been discussed. Happy viewing!

And please share in the comments what you learned from the video and what else, in your opinion, needs to be covered about life in France.

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