ON AIR #20 The 10th Forum of Compatriots was held in Paris

The 10th anniversary forum of compatriots was held in Paris.
In the building of the Russian Embassy. As a rule, Russians in Paris come there to draw up various documents. Passports, visas, certificates, powers of attorney. But this time it was a meeting of active Russians abroad. Organizations, associations, individual entrepreneurs. To support each other, share experiences, find answers to questions, and globally, to determine the direction of development of the Russian diaspora in France.

If earlier I went to such events in Russia as a correspondent on an editorial assignment, now as a blogger. Therefore, this is not an official report of the meeting, but my observations and conversations with people on topics that interested me there.

– How to get a rendezvous (appointment) at the consulate?
(This is a problem for locals)
– How strong is the Russian diaspora?
– What do Russians do in France?
– How do they support the Russian language and culture?
– Where is it easier to do business: in Russia or in France?

And the part of the meeting of compatriots is also very important. Acquaintance. One of the reasons for visiting the forum. All the heroes of the issue share the secrets of proper networking in Russian. I recommend taking notes. Even if you don’t live in France. Always come in handy. I wish you a pleasant viewing!

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