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Hello everyone!
My name is Anastasia Sadchikova.
I am a professional journalist. Now I live in Paris and teach remotely how to work on-screen and off-screen.

My goal is to help you become CONFIDENT in front of the camera and shoot beautiful videos. I know it can be EASY: recording stories, broadcasting live, having fun in reels, selling your services through video. And as a result – to EARN more!

Cooperation options:
1. Consultation
2. Mentoring
3. Courses

Who is it for?
1. For experts who need to be in the picture
2. Novice bloggers

Why me?
– I am a professional journalist
– I share knowledge, secrets and life hacks that I have accumulated over 10 years of work on Russian television
– Studied including on the First channel
– I know firsthand all the difficulties when shooting a video, since I myself went all the way from silence in the frame to a TV presenter on the air for 3 hours
– I know how to apply my TV experience to social media, as I am currently filming a video for my YouTube channel (My Notes on France)
– I tell everything in an accessible language and with a soul!